My Daddy is a Star

Have you ever wondered how to explain death to a very young child? How does one explain death to one so young? What does one say? Read how one mom explained the untimely death of her young daughter's father to her in a very unconventional way.

Zaliyah, a young girl struggling to understand why her dad is taken from her so soon and so suddenly, turns to her mom for answers and consolation. Not knowing exactly how to explain death to a six year old, her mom tells Zaliyah a story her mom once told her about the stars and angels to somehow make her understand about her dad. This most remarkable, unorthodox approach to an explanation is tailored for the young and seasoned.

My Daddy


Tamara Dean said...

I enjoyed viewing your page. I look forward to more.

Linda Black said...

Thank you Tamara. I'm so sorry for the late response but I completely overlooked it, which is not like me.