Picking up the pieces

At some point in life
Someone will come along
Who will hurt you bad
Tear your heart in pieces
And let them fall where they
May without even a notice
Of where or how they land
Your whole body and soul
falls apart as the little rips
And tears disintegrate.
As the shreds drop
Motionless onto the ground
Your mind is whirling out of control

like tumbleweeds on an open field
you are wondering
What is going on
What is happening to me

Is this all in my head
Then you realize
I’m not the only one,

And nor will I be the last
these tests are for all
I have to get it together.
I have to get better
life may not be the same
but I have to try
And it can’t start
Until I begin
Picking up the pieces

©2013 Linda Black

Lest We Forget

Mass destruction we never knew
until nine-eleven, our blood they drew.
We then realized death by numbers,
numbers far too numerous to mumble.

On that day in two thousand one,
the peace we knew was over and done.
Every casualty counted as the world watched numb,
three thousand plus, more than from a terrorist bomb.

All of the wars fought in the past,
could not compare to this in mass
We learned what homeland security means,
from the heinous deeds of terrorist teams.

As I stood gazing at the clouds,
a ray of hope raised my brows.
My prayer was answered from above,
my prayer for peace and brotherly love.
We had never witnessed so much unity,
so much togetherness in our communities.
Then soon to be broken and downtrodden,
the love, the support so soon forgotten.
Our country will never be the same,
since by droves the enemy came
to destroy our solemn world of freedom,
America, our kingdom, the land of freedmen.
©2001 Linda K Black

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